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Loudoun County Reckless Driving

Reckless Driving

South of 270 and north of 66, Loudoun County is situated west of Washington D.C., Arlington, and Reston. Police and law enforcement take reckless driving and instances of potential reckless driving very seriously, and passing someone out of frustration or going around a school bus can lead to a life-changing criminal charge. Though Virginia courts all handle reckless driving differently, it is still considered a Class 1 misdemeanor statewide and fighting reckless driving in Loudoun County will not be easy.

Public defenders and court-appointed attorneys are not offered unless the Commonwealth is seeking jail time in your case. This is true for most traffic-related misdemeanors. If you have been told that you are eligible for a court-appointed attorney, you should be concerned. This means that the Commonwealth is likely seeking more severe penalties for your case. Public defenders and court-appointed attorneys are frequently overburdened with many cases and would not give you the same level of defense as a private attorney who can dedicate time to your individual case.

You may qualify for a restricted driver’s license for select activities if your driver’s license is suspended for your reckless driving case. Restricted driver’s licenses are not automatically issued, and you typically need to apply for these ahead of time. A judge may even extend your restricted driving privileges while granting you those privileges. A traffic defense attorney who has worked in Northern Virginia handling reckless driving cases and working in these courts on a daily basis will know which judges will impose longer term penalties against your driver’s license.

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    Loudoun General District Court is located in Leesburg, Virginia.

    Ms. Tammy Hummer Dinterman is the clerk for Loudoun General District Court and she can be reached at (703) 777-0312. The Commonwealth’s Attorney is Jim Plowman.

    Reckless driving cases are heard Monday through Friday beginning at 8:30 a.m. in Courtrooms #1C and #1D.

    If your court date is coming up soon and you need more time to hire an attorney, you should call the court to file a continuance request at least ten days before your court date. There may be additional paperwork for you to fill out. If your reckless driving case has been charged as a felony, you will be required to request a continuance in front of a judge 48 hours before your court date. Continuances in this instance are granted on motion.

    Please note that reckless driving is not a pre-payable offense.