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Helping You Keep Your License

Helping You Keep Your License

When you’ve been charged with reckless driving, one of your biggest concerns might be your driver’s license. Since a reckless driving conviction means a permanent criminal record, you might need to keep your current job to cover your basic expenses and also pay for the costly fines associated with the offense. But you won’t be able to keep your job if you can’t get to work. You may also face other penalties, like difficulty meeting up for shared custody or even face revocation of custodial rights for having a criminal offense.

We can help you with that. Since your driver’s license may be directly tied to your livelihood, your defense attorney can negotiate on your behalf. The defense begins with analyzing the Commonwealth’s evidence against you and exploring the evidence that could support your innocence. In the process, if your attorney builds evidence that helps you, he or she can also negotiate for you to keep your license or maintain a restricted driver’s license so you can still go to work, school, etc. Negotiations can also include things like lower fines and less jail time if those penalties are looming.

At The Dua Law Firm, we make every effort to analyze the technical and situational circumstances of a reckless driving case. Frequently our defense begins with the more technical elements such as odometers, RADAR and LIDAR equipment, and other relevant pieces of technology used to build the case against you. Sometimes it also involves speaking to witnesses, understanding the driving conditions (both weather and traffic), and assessing the case holistically. We then negotiate with the prosecution for a reduction in charges and therefore penalties, and in some instances we’re able to achieve a full dismissal of the charges depending on the defense evidence. In instances where the Commonwealth is requesting a driver’s license suspension, we help our clients apply for restricted driver’s licenses to allow them some of their driving-related freedoms.

To get a restricted driver’s license, you will have to fill out an application. It must be fully filled out with as much complete information as possible. It’s best to prepare this ahead of time and your defense attorney can tell you whether or not you should bring the form to your trial date so that a judge can assess it at the time of sentencing. Restricted driver’s licenses are not guaranteed but are a possibility to help you get around despite not having your full driving privileges available to you.