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Thank you so much!

17.04.2014 in

Thank you so much for representing me. I’m very happy with how this turned out and could not thank you enough! – Crystal

Extremely Happy with Results

15.04.2014 in

I was extremely happy with your assistance in my case and would not hesitate to contact you again if the need arises. If you need a traffic lawyer in the Northern VA area, do yourself a favor and call! – T.J.

Criminal Charges Reduction

15.04.2014 in

I received a Reckless driving ticket in Stafford, Virginia. My attorney was able to reduce my criminal charge of Reckless driving (a 6-point offense) to a non-moving (zero-point) traffic infraction. – C.R.

No surprises

15.04.2014 in

They took their time with my case and gave me the individual attention that I paid for in hiring a lawyer. The date of the case he was very thorough and there were no surprises. – Law Firm Client